BPerfect Base Focus Brush Collection

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The BRAND NEW Base Focus Brush Collection is a selection of 8 ESSENTIAL face brushes – everything you need for the perfect flawless complexion, from your foundation, to contour, to setting powder.

All brushes within the set are multi-use and can be used for liquid, cream and powder products.

BPF09 – Domed Foundation Brush
A dense domed foundation brush that creates a seamless canvas for the ultimate airbrushed finish.
Best For: Expertly diffusing liquid and cream powders across the face to blur imperfections and create a professional-looking full coverage finish.
Top Tip: Use with our Chroma Cover Matte Foundation for an even and flawless finish with minimal effort.

BPF10 – Large Tapered Powder Brush
A tapered fluffy powder brush with a defined point to sweep on powder with precision and accuracy.
Best For: Precisely placing and blending bronzers and blushers across the face.
Tip Top: Perfect for diffusing highly pigmented powders and blending away harsh lines.

BPF11 – The Face Sculptor Brush
A small angled brush that can be used for applying bronzer or blush. The angled edge is shaped to give the face that ultimate sculpted and defined look.
Best For: Use with cream and powder products.
Top Tip: Buff your cream and powder bronzer upwards towards the hairline and add a pop of blush towards the temples of the face for a lifted look.

BPF12 – The Multi-Purpose Brush
This multi-purpose pointed brush provides even, smooth and diffused application with your choice of powder.
Best For: Diffusing and creating a seamless, undetectable blend using your favourite powder products.
Top Tip: This brush can be used with an array of products including contour, blush, highlight and setting powder.

BPF13 – The Chiseller Brush
A medium-sized brush with the perfect shape to get into the grooves and curves to contour and chisel out your desired face shape.
Best For: Adding shadow and dimension to the face.
Top Tip: Can be used with creams and powders to create the perfect sculpted face look.

BPF14 – Precision Blush and Highlight Brush
A full, domed brush tip with long bristles to blend and diffuse blusher for an all-over wash of colour or precisely sweep on highlight.
Best For: Completing your look with a pop of blush or add the perfect amount of highlight to the high points of the face.
Top Tip: Spritz your brush with our One Dew Three – Longevity Setting Spray to intensify highlight payoff.

BPE15 – Undereye Setter Brush
A small, tapered brush that is perfect for precisely setting the undereye and blending in powders for an airbrush finish.
Best For: Targeting the undereye with your favourite powder to precisely set and buff away any creases from your concealer.
Top Tip: The density of the bristles allows for even pick up and distribution of product so you can control and customise the amount of coverage you prefer.

BPE16 – Pat and Blend Concealer Brush
A small domed shape brush designed to fit under the eyes and around the nose and gives flawless coverage by patting and blending in your concealer.
Best For: Use with concealer to instantly cover dark circles and pat away creasing for a streak-free, seamless blend.
Top Tip: Sweeping motions can be used to apply product to desired area, while patting motions can be used to build up coverage and blend product into the skin.


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